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My 2nd Fusion Album

Dear Friends,

It is my pleasure to announce that my new Album - Fusion Rocks - has been released on 6th June 2011 at Chennai Press Club.

I always believe that success always depend on hard work, determination, commitment, team work and more importantly attitude. Friends, I am happy to share with you that these characteristics are very much apparent in FUSION ROCKS.

The noteworthy feature of this album is that all world  renowned artists have contributed to this album - Yes, just think of Sri. Rajesh Vaidya, worlds best Veena player, ensemble with Sri. Embar Kannan, the worlds best Indian classical violin player, think of Sri. Kamalakar, one of India's best Flute player having a fusion with Sri. Embar Kannan or just think of the magic performance of the male singer Sri. Ananthu - what more can one expect other than expect the Fusion music to rock.

)    Humility is the middle name of Sri. Embar Kannan. His style is marked by the clarity, bow quality, soulfulness and energy.  Sri. Rajesh Vaidya has given a melting performance. Apart from his blistering speed, his performance is distinguished by his use of strings. The mere presence of Sri. Rajesh Vaidya and Sri. Embar Kannan in this album – what can one say - Not only have they excelled in their respective fields but have also ensured that they have retained the individual identities of other experienced musicians like Sri. Kamalakar (flute) and Sri. Ananthu (voice) thus working towards the bigger picture of seeing the success of the album 

I also take pride in stating that Martin Viji, a renowned Brass and Trombone player in Chennai, has had a rip-rocking session with Sr. Rajesh Vaidya, Sri Embar Kannan and Sri. Kamalakar, making it an ensemble.

Another highlight of this album is about the performance of Bass Guitarist, Sr. Manikandan, who will be admired by his excellent fuse and my friend, Parasu, who live in Singapore, and who is a hindustani singer by profession, have contributed to this album.

Dream Tricks, have been entrusted with the job of Marketing & Distributing this product globally. Their attitude towards profession and hungry for success of this product, is all what I firmly believe would make this album a roaring success.....

Last but not the least, Suresh Raj, a Sound Engineer, who has done a great job not only in recording, mixing and mastering but have also played Tabla that has mixed well with this album  and also about Felix, who for the second time, has really excelled in Programming.

Let me now talk about each song in detail 
High Voltage - This song illustrates about the zestfulness of the youth in the modern world today. This has been very well demonstrated by Sri. Rajesh Vaidya and Sri. Embar Kannan ably supported by Sri. Viji on Trumpet & Trombone. The highlight of this song is a fusion between all the three and this song is based on the Raaga Maya Malava Gowla.

Sweet Memories - This song talks about the sweet memories of a girl’s past life with her parents. It is very well illustrated by Sri. Kamalakar on the flute and by Sri. Embar Kannan on the violin. Sri. Embar Kannan has an ensemble with Sri. Kamalakar on this. I need to mention here that versatility is his middle name. This album reveals a beautiful spectrum of his classical renditions. I need to add here that Sri. Kamalakar pays detail to each and every bar of that song. He is a perfectionist. The tabla beat, played by Sri. Suresh Raj, adds as enlightenment in this song. This is set to Raaga Shiva Ranjani.

Musically Yours - The girl and the boy get married and this song illustrates about this family who follow a disciplined routine leading to a peaceful and successful life. This has been very well illustrated by Sri. Ananthu, through his voice supported very well by Trumpet, Trombone, piano and the flautist. This song is set to Raga Bhoopalam. I need to talk about Ananthu here. You all know that he has been with doyen Music Director MSV for more than 15 years. He is currently singing film songs for all music composers. As regards this album, Ananthu has been fantastic in this song – He shouldered a great responsibility of perceiving, anticipating, blending in with the song. Let me share that none of the recordings of his went past the 1st take. 

Lullaby - This song illustrates about how the music can bring about calmness to an adamant and restless child. The nature of the song allows the child to get immersed in the song and has a very peaceful sleep. When the child awakes the next day morning, it is back to its naughty best. This has been amply demonstrated by the Flautist and violinist. I am sure that the performance of both will enthral the tiny tods and the old alike. I am also sure that the parents of tiny tods will use this as a good medicine for their naughty kid to go off to sleep. This song is based on the Raga Mohanam

Four-In-One - This talks about this chirpy family who have now become four in size. The importance and joyous mood of each member of the family is being illustrated through four notes – Sa Re Ga & Ma. This has a mix of Jazz, Carnatic and Hindustani genres played by Sri. Viji, Sri. EK and my friend Parasu. Thanks Parasu for your perseverance and determination to contribute  well for this album. U have a bright future ahead.

This note of mine cannot be complete without the mentioning of Sri. Bharadwaj, Music Director. His immense help of providing me his studio, and having had to take his time off in hearing to this music album, are all characters of a man who wants to see success of others too!!

I thought it necessary to display the photos of all musicians, who have made my dream come true... Please see below these with a sample song from this album...


With an urge to sustain the glory of carnatic music through fusion, with the blessing of Almighty, coupled with all your best wishes, I am sure this album will be a huge success. We seek your help by buying this CD to this noble cause of ours!!

Please visit your nearby stores, if you are in India, or visit for booking the CD now.
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